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We offer a number of advertising opportunities to help you make the most of your marketing budget. From advertising opportunities on BackwoodsTV to television and more, see how we can help get your brand the exposure it deserves.

Advertise Online at BackwoodsTV

If you're looking for online advertising opportunities, BackwoodsTV is a powerful, effective avenue for targeting hunters across North America. Reaching more than 40,000 unique visitors each month, and over 60,000 total visits, BackwoodsTV can put your brand in front of people who need it. Since 2009, BackwoodsTV has streamed 3,683,499 videos - and the number increases every day.

But There's more to the story than that.

Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods Advertising with Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods Television Show, which runs 39 weeks on The Sportsman Channel and Wild TV, puts your brand front and center for a minimum of 234 airings reaching 35 million households through cable and sattelite networks.

But, Should Your Advertising Dollars Stop at Television?
We Say No!

In 2009, Team Backwoods introduced BackwoodsTV - an on-demand streaming video platform providing a powerful means for bringing advertisers and consumers together.

Full-length segments of Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods, featuring your brand, are uploaded to BackwoodsTV and made available 24/7. BackwoodsTV streams an average of 7,000 videos every day and, since 2009, 3,683,499 videos have been watched on BackwoodsTV. In 2011, we have received over 370,000 Unique Visitors and 530,000 total visits to BackwoodsTV.

But BackwoodsTV is more than just a streaming video website... BackwoodsTV provides a platform for delivering rich media as well as powerful cross-marketing opportunities to our network of sponsors and partners. BackwoodsTV allows any manufacturer, outfitter, magazine, or blog to leverage the power of full-length hunts, bringing your brand to completely new audiences. Your brand could be featured on high-profile websites across the Internet like Excalibur Crossbow and The Buck Bomb, on an outfitters website, or on any number of outdoor magazines and blogs.

In addition, selected segments are also included on our series of Whitetail and Bear DVDs sold online, through selected dealers, and at sport shows across the country. Our sponsors' brands also appear in Promotional DVDs we produce for several manufacturers. Your brand, for example, could be front and center in the new Excalibur Crossbow Promotional DVD distributed to tens of thousands of hunters across North America.

When we're not promoting our sponsors we hunt. But even then we're constantly developing new and innovative methods to help you multi-task your advertising dollars.

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