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  • The Bear Talker

    The Bear Talker

    Jerry Peterson, the Callmaster from Woods Wise Products, shares some tips to help make you more successful when calling bears. Many bear hunters overlook the benefits of calling bears during both the spring and fall, but with… watch now

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  • Callmaster Mini-Three Predator Call

    Callmaster Mini-Three Predator Call

    The Woods Wise Callmasters’ Mini-Three Predator call may well be the most versatile predator call you’ve ever seen. The three closed reed calls allow you to change your calling as the need arises. And they’re… watch now

    Rating: Views: 9,314 Duration: 00:06:14 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-02-14

  • Introducing the Excalibur Matrix

    Introducing the Excalibur Matrix

    The New Excalibur Matrix Compact Recurve Crossbow is changing the world of hunting crossbows. Matrix is 6-inches narrower and 4-inches shorter than previous recurve crossbows, yet delivers up to 380 feet per second and over 112… watch now

    Rating: Views: 502 Duration: 00:02:09 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 02-06-13

  • The Callmaster's Outburst

    The Callmaster's Outburst

    Do Hog Calls really work? They do - but only if they’re used properly. Most people have been instructed to use wild hog calls in the wrong fashion. They’re taught to squeal and scream like they’ve been attacked… watch now

    Rating: Views: 563 Duration: 00:02:23 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 01-29-13

  • Matrix 380 - First Look

    Matrix 380 - First Look

    Dan Wallace, host of Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods, gives us a first look at Excalibur Crossbows new Matrix line of compact recurve hunting crossbows. The new Matrix line uses Compact Recurve Technology to provide… watch now

    Rating: Views: 538 Duration: 00:02:08 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 01-03-13

  • Matrix Changes Everything

    Matrix Changes Everything

    Bill Troubridge discusses the all new Matrix line of Excalibur Crossbows, featuring CRT - Compact Recurve Technology. The new Matrix series of Crossbows provides the same rugged dependability you’ve come to expect from… watch now

    Rating: Views: 638 Duration: 00:04:25 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 01-03-13

  • The Lost Fawn Ma-Mah - New From Woods Wise

    The Lost Fawn Ma-Mah - New From Woods Wise

    The Callmasters have done it again! Introducing the all new Lost Fawn Ma-Mah, - an innovative new call that will drastically improve your success in the field. Unlike many other fawn calls, the Lost Fawn Ma-Mah communicates the… watch now

    Rating: Views: 2,074 Duration: 00:02:15 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 09-12-12

  • Buc-N-Doe plus Snort Wheeze

    Buc-N-Doe plus Snort Wheeze

    Separate, Removable Grunt And Doe Bleat Cartridges That Fit Inside Your Mouth. Two Great Call Designs In One: Hands-Free, In-Mouth Cartridges & a Tube-Style Deer Call. Six Great Call Sounds in One: Plain Buck Grunts, Contact… watch now

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    For Predator Calling as Easy as 1-2-3. The Woods Wise 3-N-1 Fox Fire Screamer is an easy to use predator call that will produce shrill and loud screams, wounded bird trills, and squeaks and coaxing calls . It's the perfect call… watch now

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  • Back In The Woods 5 - Available Now

    Back In The Woods 5 - Available Now

    Join the Backwoods Boys for the latest installment of the popular Back In The Woods series. With over 20 hunts and an hour and a half of whitetail action, you can't go wrong. You'll see crossbow, bow, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader… watch now

    Rating: Views: 496 Duration: 00:01:44 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 03-18-09