Mr. High and Tight... Meet Mrs. Darton

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Mr. High and Tight... Meet Mrs. Darton

It’s early November and the bucks are on the move. Backwoods Boys Troy Lauffer takes his Darton Pro 3800, along with his Woods Wise Super Hot Daddy after a buck he’s only heard of - a high and tight Ohio 8 Point.

Tags: whitetail deer hunt darton compound bow woods wise game calls





I work in emergency medicine, and every year we haul in several hunters who fall from tree stands. When I see you guys on public media teaching other hunters that it's ok to hunt from (and in your case dance in) an elevated tree stand, it makes me cringe. Every year we have injuries that result in people who if they don't die in the fall, frequently never walk again. Those that dodge that bullet more frequently spend many days or weeks in the hospital recovering. Come on guys, people watch your videos and look up to you as pros. Lead by example and save a life.